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Author: Gabrielle Levy

7 Apr

This Tunesday is All About Perspective!

This #TUNESDAY we’re listening to a medley of Allman Brothers songs!
Even though it can be difficult to stay cheery on a gloomy day (such as this one), there’s nothing a good song or two (maybe three) can’t fix. Start with some Soulshine, to remind you that you have it within yourself to brighten up :) Move on to Blue Skies… because there’s no harm in being optimistic. If you’re still in a funk, blast Jessica. This instrumental is sure to make you smile. It’s a perfect example of how music- even without lyrics- has the power to make you feel. Keep on keeping on,...
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29 Mar


In 1984 Leonard Cohen released his album called Various Positions, with Hallelujah on it. It is said that Cohen struggled to complete the song, and wrote over 50 verses before being satisfied. Even still, the song was not very successful at first and didn’t truly become so until it was covered by John Cale in 1992. After Cale’s cover, Jeff Buckley covered it and created the most acclaimed and consistently popular cover of the song to this day. There are over 100 covers and below is a selection of my top 10. Part of what makes Hallelujah so magical is its simplicity and how the lyrics speak for themselves. That’s why some of the best covers are the least produced. That...
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