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5 Jun

Babes Unite









With the escalating political and cultural tension in this country, there is no shortage of amazing graphic tees. However, I think it is safe to say Denim brand AMO made my favorite one so far! There are so many things I love about this BABES UNITE shirt- It’s 100% cotton, made in LA, distressed, relaxed, AND comfy as hell. P.S. 20%  of the proceeds are donated to planned parenthood.*

Personally, catcalls make me feel incredibly self conscious, and my initial reaction is to slouch and walk quickly away. As someone who resents the term babe, and the numerous catcalls it usually accompanies, this shirt is my exception. In the same way Reformation’s “not your baby” silk track jacket was empowering, the phrase takes back ownership of an often aggressively used word.

Fun fact about this amazing vintage blazer (thanks for the hand-me-down mom!)- I have not worn it since election day. It was my topper of choice for my pantsuit on November 8, and after Hillary Clinton’s concession, I put it away in my closet hoping that I could one day see it without feeling sad. That day is today. It is my armor, and this shirt is both my uniform and my battle cry.

*This was included in a past roundup of great graphic tees. See how else you can do good and look good here.

Ariana Levy
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