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4 Aug

Look For the Beach Necessities

Whether we’re going to the beach, or recovering after it, here are the things we can’t go without.

1. Finding the perfect bathing suit can be a real struggle. I’m (Gaby) petite but curvy and often run into suits that are way too small for my curves, or alternatively, too baggy if I go a size up. Tops that don’t make my chest look like 10 lbs of potatoes in a 5 lb bag are where I usually want to give up. Enter: Bralette bikini tops. I have found, that I feel best and most confident on the beach in one of these! They give me enough support without turning my boobs into a shelf. They also have the perfect amount of coverage to avoid looking just like a sports bra, or resulting in undesirable tan lines.

 50072355_Alt03     50072355 50500543_Alt01

2. Always wear protection! We both have a fairly average skin pigment, but like to use very strong sunscreen anyway. For our bodies, we use Neutrogena’s CoolDry Sport Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50, and for our faces we use Babo Botanicals’ NEW Super Shield Sport Stick Sunscreen – also SPF 50. Both are very thick, particularly the CoolDry Sport, which made us look like we bathed in glue momentarily, but they get absorbed into your skin and that fades. Don’t forget your lips! Nivea’s Smoothness Hydrating Lip Care with SPF 15 should definitely be in your beach bag, but we carry ours around all the time.

 NLC_smoothness_stick_tube_1510 6811032_Oprah_seal_600x600         Super-Shield-SPF-50

3. Shoes & Accessories

Teva’s are a gift from the gods. “Light, comfortable, and down for whatever,” they are the ideal piece of footwear! Created out of necessity but sustained by their cult-like popularity, they are beyond functional, as well as, recently fashionable.


The perfect pair of sunnies are definitely important. Like most, we like to feel good in them, but never want that desire to hinder their protection or practicality. We have been fans of Ray-Bans for years, but are recently obsessed with their “Round Metal Folding” style. With several colors and metals to choose from, there are options that should satisfy most people! Relaxing in the sun is wonderful, but lugging around a large bag (or bags) while you’re sticky and sweaty is never ideal. These folding frames, come with a much smaller case and take up half the size of any other style.

 8053672503685_shad_fr 8053672497809_shad_fr

Neither of us don’t really see the point in putting makeup on for the beach, especially because we sweat an inordinate amount and it would just melt off. However, we’re not opposed to a little eyeliner to make our eyes pop! MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Eyeliner is the best – regardless of location or time of year! The black eyeliner has become a daily staple of ours, but their bright colors also add the perfect hint of flair to any beach day ensemble (and look fantastic on a sun-kissed face).

 Untitled-2  s1799055-main-Lhero

4. Bring the perfect towel!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: “We love Boll & Branch!” Their line of luxury beach towels, released just in time for summer are perfect for any adventure. Made sustainably from 100% organic cotton, and featuring bold brights, you’ll want to keep them out all year. They are the perfect length and texture – lending themselves to hour-long beach snoozes in between dips in the ocean.


5. The saltwater can really do a number on our thick, curly and oftentimes untamable hair, so we always like to bring a leave-in conditioner or balm to combat that. Even if we don’t go in the water, the salty air alone still makes us a little poodle-y, and our favorite product to bring along is Dry Bar’s “The Chaser – Shine Cream.” It hydrates and softens as well as tames any frizz that tries to ruin your do!


6. The after party!

If all goes as planned, the constant application of sunscreen prevents any burn. However; sometimes they seem unavoidable and post-beach care is very important. I (Ari) obsessively moisturize my skin, and do so even more if I’ve been in constant sun. I like thicker moisturizers for this kind of use because whether it is psychosomatic or not, I feel like they work better than those that rub right in or are lighter in texture. L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Body Cream does just the trick, and like all of their products, smells divine!


According to Amanda Bynes in What a Girl Wants: “Mom says if you can walk on a beach and you got a steady hand with nail polish…there’s no reason to ever pay for a pedicure.” We agree! And what a better way to spotlight your newly exfoliated feet, than with the perfect polish? Twinseperable loves Smith & Cult polish, in the shades: gold (shattered souls), or red (kundalini hustle).

 kundalini-hustle  shattered-souls_1

Gabrielle Levy
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