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29 Dec

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Weirdly enough, Kylie Jenner motivated me to try a matte lip. Rarely do I stray away from balm or gloss, but (prior to the release of the almost-internet-breaking Lip Kit by Kylie) her neutral pout got me thinking. What did I have against lipstick?

I spent what felt like hours at MAC and thought I left with the perfect light pink shade of nude, until I put it on the next day and immediately regretted my choice. I have a tendency to experience buyers remorse. As a painter I knew which color I was looking for and even how to make it out of oil paints, but I couldn’t for the life of me find it in a store.

Shortly after my failed foray into lipstick shopping, I learned about Bite Beauty. This revolutionary brand was founded in Toronto by Susanne Langmuir, who was looking for a natural answer to the abundance of chemically created beauty products.

You eat what you put on your lips, so your lipstick should be good for you

-Susanne Langmuir

If the idea behind her brand isn’t cool enough, Bite’s Lip Lab in SoHo certainly is. You make an appointment and work with one of their trained artists to blend different pigments until you reach your dream shade. Once you choose the right color, you pick your finish (creme, matte, sheer, deluxe), your flavor (cherry, mint, vanilla, citrus, mango, violet, superfruit), and even an optional add on (gold shimmer, silver shimmer, bronze shimmer or rose gold). Finally, they take about 10 minutes to create your very own stick, and you can choose between four differently shaped tubes.

We definitely recommend trying this place out. The staff was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The lab is small and only two people can go at a time so keep that in mind when making an appointment (which you should definitely do before you go).





Ariana Levy
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