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2 Aug

Tunesday: Rise

We are obsessed over the NBC Sports Olympic coverage song for Rio 2016. An arbiter of hit anthems (like "Firework" for gay pride), Katy Perry has done it again! Her song "Rise," has us pumped up for the Rio Olympics! The song's powerful tone makes us feel like we could be the recipients of gold medals, ourselves. But keep in mind that the song isn't magic, so try not to do anything impulsive - like taking on the high jump or discus, when you probably haven't been near a track or field since high school. When, when the fire's at my feet again And the vultures all start circling They're whispering, "You're out of time” But still I rise   If the powerful lyrics aren't enough by themselves to...
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13 Jun

Monday Mantra: Guilty

Monday Mantra Voltaire
We elect our officials. We vote actively by showing up. We vote passively by not showing up. We have the potential to change public policy. We have failed. We are all guilty. Unfortunately there are always going to be bad people in the world and we are limited in our ability to always proactively identify them before terror ensues. We are not limited in our abilities to enact change. Today's Monday Mantra, courtesy of Voltaire, definitely applies to life in general. However, in this particular instance it applies to our negligence in the fight against guns. Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do. Forget for a second about all of the deaths brought about on foreign land. The constant violence in...
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30 May

Monday Mantra: In Memoriam

Today's Monday Mantra is one of my favorite quotes by JFK, to honor the brave men and women who walk into the fights most people run away from. In what has somehow evolved into a weekend of partying and sun-bathing, we have a duty not to forget the actual reason we are given time to reflect. Today we remember those who have fallen, and their families, who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. What can you do for your country?  ...
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22 Apr

Product Roundup: Because Earth Day is Every Day

In celebration of Earth Day, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite eco-friendly products and brands. From items to help you green-up your beauty routine, to sustainable linens and towels, we’ve got you covered all day long. These eco-conscious brands produce minimal environmental impact while still maintaining high levels of quality in their products so you never have to sacrifice style for substance!     SKINCARE   Fig + Yarrow I​t is e​asy to forget how products that can be so beneficial to us, can be equally as detrimental to the environment. Cleansers and scrubs with microbeads, often non-biodegradable or dissolvable, are becoming increasingly ​p​roblematic*. These microbeads are small enough to ​p​ass t​hrough just about every filtration system, making their arrival into our oceans inevitable and unavoidable....
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17 Apr

Twinseperable Does Record Store Day 2016

Record Store Day happens on the third Saturday of April every year (since 2007); created as a way  to celebrate, promote and support independently owned record stores. Involvement spans from the stores themselves, to the fans waiting outside, to the artists who even sometimes perform at participating locations around the country. There are always three types of releases: first releases, limited run/regional focus, and the most coveted - RSD exclusive releases, where special records are pressed in limited quantities specifically for Record Store Day and the stores taking part. Normally, people don't line up outside of record or CD stores for music anymore which makes me sad. There once was a community aspect to waiting in line for your favorite band's latest...
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12 Apr

Tunesday for Change

Today's Tunesday is in support and celebration of two rock stars, acting in TRUE rock star fashion. A few weeks ago, the North Carolina legislature passed HB 2, or the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act. Since one degrading, offensive and archaic bill in this country isn't enough, Mississippi passed HB 1523; better known as the "Religious Freedom" Act. These laws undo so many years of progress and are terrifyingly reminiscent of Jim Crow laws. They strip rights and chosen identities away from those who identify differently than "expected." My question is...
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29 Feb

Monday Mantra: You go Leo!

The ultimate ladie’s man. Mr. modern Gatsby himself. Our forever “Jack Dawson.” Leonardo Dicaprio, finally won an Oscar (for Best Actor in a Leading Role nonetheless)! Despite whatever issues surrounded this year’s Academy Awards, I think it’s pretty fair to say that his win was something almost everyone agreed upon and celebrated (except perhaps the other nominees). Making us love him even more, he brought his mother as his date. Feel free to swoon. Today’s mantra is inspired by his perseverance. If only the world was full of more people like Leo (but really… if only). Graciously accepting his award, he took the time to spread an important message- one very close to his heart- the dangers and severity of climate change…...
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23 Feb


In what must feel like a never ending battle, Kesha has been fighting (since 2013) against her producer and alleged abuser, to no avail.  I say alleged because, when women describe in vivid detail- horrifying acts against them, they are exaggerators or liars until proven truthful. This is an unfair standard which goes beyond our justice system's bedrock principle 'innocent until proven guilty', meant to protect the accused, and unfairly burdens the victim.  This past Friday, a judge refused to issue an injunction that would release Kesha from her contract with Sony, and more specifically, Dr. Luke (a.k.a Luke Gottwald). Lena Dunham successfully explains in layman's terms how Sony plays a part in enabling and accepting this bad behavior. "Imagine someone really hurt you, physically and emotionally. Scared you and...
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31 Jan

50 for 50

In one of my favorite fashion related partnerships to date, the CFDA and the NFL have teamed up for an incredible cause. For Super Bowl 50, fifty designers have created one-of-a-kind "designer" footballs to be auctioned off. Proceeds will benefit the NFL foundation, whose mission is to "support the health, safety and wellness of athletes, youth football and the communities which support the game" Click here to view all 50, and keep scrolling to see my five favorites.   Designed by Whitney Pozgay, Whit   Designed by Nicole Miller   Designed by Brett Heyman, Edie Parker   Designed by Clare Vivier, Clare V.   Designed by Stacey Bendet, Alice & Olivia Do YOU have a...
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