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24 Nov


  Despite the awkward kiss ass-grabbing pda between Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth taking over headlines from the AMAS, one of my favorite performances was by the host herself… Jenny from the block. There seem to be mixed feelings about her dance mashup at the beginning of the show since JLO spent about 6 minutes not singing a note. However, that's how she got her start in music, not to mention the fact that I'm not sure why anyone in their right mind would have a problem watching her dance… at all. Below are the songs she said inspired her to dance this year!
In case you missed the performance, make sure to watch here! If you missed the whole show, make sure to check out some...
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17 Nov

Tunesday for Peace

Piggy backing off of yesterday's Monday Mantra, this Tunesday post was inspired by recent world events. It is a small roundup of some of our favorite peace songs. One such song not in the playlist below (it isn't on iTunes) is Michael Franti's "Bomb the World." His lyrics so eloquently describe how we feel and so what better way to introduce the rest of our songs than through his words.   "Bomb The World"   Please tell me the reason Behind the colors that you fly Love just one nation And the whole world we divide You say you're 'sorry' Say, 'there is no other choice' But god bless the people them Who cannot raise their voice   We can chase down all our enemies Bring them to their knees We can bomb the world to pieces But we...
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16 Nov

Monday Mantra

  With a heavy heart, we share this Monday mantra. It isn't a new quote, and it's been widely shared in recent days, but nothing else feels more appropriate. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. often made stirring and powerful statements- many that have withstood the test of time. He spoke powerful truths that are still poignant and relevant today, despite changes in the events surrounding their usage. As most people are well aware, late Friday afternoon there was a terrorist attack in Paris that injured hundreds of civilians and so far killed over 100. With worldwide focus on that horrific act of hatred and violence, other terrorist acts which occurred this past week have garnered much less attention but they are equally important and heartbreaking.   Today's post is for all of them. Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, West Bank, Cameroon, and Chad.   We pray for all of you. We...
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5 Nov

Grateful for Dead & Co.

Having attended multiple music festivals, being surrounded by strangers lighting up is nothing short of expected; however, smoking joints at an indoor concert is something I had never experienced before. In a relatively hot-boxed stadium, listening to some of my favorite songs performed by people I never thought I'd get to see live was nothing short of unforgettable. Selling out the Garden, dead heads (including Team Twinseperable) came together for two nights to jam out with Dead and Company- former Dead members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Bill Kreutzmann, along with John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti. Although well aware of John Mayer's talents, I was not convinced he was the perfect man for the job (helping bridge the gap that Jerry...
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30 Sep

Mid-week Mantra: Global Citizen Edition

Continuing with our recap of the Global Citizen Festival, we've decided to pull from the incredible lineup of performers and speakers as inspiration for today's Mid-week Mantra. It seems rather fitting to choose an excerpt from VPOTUS' speech as the main mantra because it so beautifully applies to the general notion of enacting change and bettering the world. Throughout the day, people ranging from Prime Minister Erna Solberg, who enlightened the crowd about Norway’s donation to global girls’ education, to Leonardo Dicaprio, who stressed the importance of Environmental change and preservation -- particularly in regards to refugee crises around the globe. Perhaps one of the most exciting observations was just how strong the girl power was. It doesn't get much better than Beyonce introducing...
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28 Sep

Music Monday: Global Citizen Edition

*Since we wanted to recap the incredible festival ASAP, we're bringing our Tunesday to Monday and preparing something extra special for you tomorrow. Sitting down to write this post has been no easy feat. Due to the unparalleled magnificence of Saturday's Global Citizen Festival, my head is nonstop reeling with clips of performances and speeches. Trying to get everything out in anything close to literate sentences is incredibly difficult when your mind has just been...
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27 Sep

Fancy Dinner , Because Why Not?

Let me preface this by saying that I know some people find fancy dinners and events to be a drag. However, I believe dressing up ultimately makes everyone feel nice and glamorous- particularly when you’re dressing up for no reason!   While preparing for our trip home this past weekend, my mother informed us we would need to bring something black tie. Being the very lax and chill person my mother is, I was baffled. Did I manage to forget about an important event? A not-so-farfetched possibility. It was a pleasant relief to find out the reason she asked us to pack such items would be for a fancy family dinner. Whoever said you NEEDED to go somewhere to dress up or a reason...
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14 Sep

Monday Mantra: My Life Story Will Be A Good One

Sometimes we get so caught up in the present, that we forget to think about the bigger picture. For the past few months the Twinseperable Team has been training for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a cause that hits particularly close to home. When we decided to participate, we knew we wanted to wear none other than GoodhYOUman because of the positive ethos the company promotes. They generously provided each of us with the most inspiring (and comfortable) gear. It was as if the sports bra emblazoned with "breathe" and leggings with "run faster" on the calf were reminding our bodies to do so. Branded with enough inspirational phrases to cover Monday mantras for months, and quirky phrases...
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15 Aug

Raising My Barre

Lately, I've been on an exercise kick. However, I find I am painfully unmotivated to work out by myself in a gym and like to exercise by running or participating in activities. Having already tried yoga and pilates and not loving either, I decided to try barre because it is low-impact, high-intensity. When I heard that Gilt had a discount package on Pure Barre classes, I bought them right away and signed up on my summer Friday! After packing the cutest mini LeSportsac gym bag , I headed to Columbus Circle for my 12:00 class. Expecting to feel intimidated or self conscious, I was pleasantly surprised to feel anything but. My instructor's name was Lauren and she was a gift from above. So energetic and attentive, she made sure I felt comfortable before...
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