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Best friend twins (and their trusty sidekick) learning about style and life on their post-graduate journey through this magnificent concrete jungle.

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Category: Events

29 Jun

Monday Mantra: Love is Love

Our hearts are full from the overwhelming love and acceptance we experienced this weekend. While this was not our first NYC Pride Fest, it was the first we got to spend with our older brother, for whom we are full of pride.    ...
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18 Jun

Gluten Free Birthday Girl

(The above photo is from doscaminos.com) It’s not an easy feat to find a restaurant that is able to fit a party of 28 on a Friday night and accommodate a celiac birthday girl. Dos Caminos delivered. Ari, Jake (the third TRIPLET) and I have had our share of memorable birthday parties, but this was something else. Serving their consistently delicious Mexican food, the wonderful team at Dos Caminos (on Third avenue) made sure I felt special while celebrating! Prior to the big night out, I had spoken to management several times about the large party as well as my extreme sensitivity to cross contamination. As soon as I got downstairs to the larger seating area, I informed my waitress of my...
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3 Jun

Just Married: Conti Wedding Part II

Ojai, CA stole our hearts, and we are totally okay with it. The Twinseperable team and family journeyed to California for the Conti+Weintraub wedding, an affair to remember. Knowing the bride is an event planner, we were prepared for something spectacular, and spectacular it was. People say perfection is in the details, but perfect does not come close to accurately describing this memorable affair. Not a peony petal was out of place at Casa Elar, a Tuscan-style estate with the most stunning views of Ojai. Upon arriving, guests were greeted by fruit-infused water (the fruit may very well have been picked that morning) and parasols to offer shade from the stunning sun and clear blue sky. Everything from the food, to the music, to the...
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25 Apr

We Ran for The Wild on World Penguin Day

Today we ran through the Bronx Zoo, participating in their annual Run For the Wild 5K. This event aims to raise funds and awareness for the World Conservation Society. While today we ran specifically for the gorillas, it was doubly exciting for me because I got to stop by the penguin enclosure on my favorite holiday: World Penguin Day. Their coloring is a great example of environmental adaptation. Their dark backs blend in to the deep ocean from above, and the bright surface serves as a perfect camouflage for their light bellies from below. Penguins are always dressed to impress, and my favorite species is the Little Blue Penguin who sports a blue tux instead of black. There are 16 other types of penguins. Click...
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24 Apr

Adopt Don’t Shop

Those who've met us, quickly learn that our love for animals knows no bounds. While we wish we could rescue all of those in need, realistically, we had to start small. We are excited to announce the beginning of a project with the Humane Society of New York. Twice a month, in an attempt to help them find homes, we are going to feature a new animal up for adoption in our fashion editorials… newly dubbed “petitorials.” The first dog we had the privilege of meeting and photographing was Angel. He is a chocolate and black Collie/Shepherd Mix who, at 10 years old, has the heart of a puppy and is full of love. Since becoming a resident of HSNY, he has lost...
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11 Apr

Friends of Finn

Friends of Finn is an organization started by Amanda Hearst, to combat the inhumane treatment of dogs in puppy mills. It works closely with the Humane Society of the United States to raise awareness of this terrible process and to support those who want to help.  Finn is a puppy mill rescue who, along with some of his (also famous) friends, Tuna, Toast, and Muppet, co-hosted a pop-up event this past weekend with the HSNY. Of course Twinseperable was there to support the cause! The humane treatment of all animals is very important to us, and if we could rescue all of the dogs in the world we would. Unfortunately, due to the overabundance of dogs in need, we would...
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