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Category: Food/Drink

28 May

Gluten-free in Ojai

When you drive down the streets of Ojai, California, you are often surrounded by rows of orange trees stretching on for miles. There is a sense of closeness to nature and a freshness to the environment. It’s rural without being farmland...
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22 May

Gluten-Free From Italy

On a seemingly normal street, in seemingly normal Hell's Kitchen is an Italian restaurant that is anything but normal. Offering an extensive gluten-free menu, Nizza is a gift from the gf gods. Once you are seated, the incredible experience begins. They have gluten-free bread to go along with their signature dipping side of a soft cheese (I don't even know what kind) surrounded by olive oil. If that isn't enough and you want an appetizer before your main course as well, go for the Burrata which sits in a bowl of stewed tomatoes, garlic and lemon, or their extremely fresh spin on a caesar salad. I hate to admit that I've only ever had one main course there, but it was so life-changing...
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7 May

Gluten-Free Pan-Asian Cuisine

As with most foods, when it comes to gluten-free Asian cuisine, it can be hit-or-miss. The fact that rice is used a lot in their food, as opposed to wheat, helps a lot. However, a lot of the sauces that accompany the large selections of rice-based dishes, more often than not, contain gluten (brown sauce, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce etc.).  Enter: Lilli & Loo (Lexington between 61 and 62). In addition to delicious drinks/cocktails, this incredible Pan-Asian restaurant contains an extensive gluten-free menu, mirroring many of their main menu items! They can make all of their sauces gluten free, they have gluten free dumplings, and tempura… even some gluten free desserts to try at the end (if you can fit anymore in your stomach)! If you walk in and see...
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30 Apr

Gluten Free(dman’s)

Despite the name Friedman’s Lunch, this family-owned and operated restaurant dishes out hearty food all day every day. Friedman’s serves delicious seasonal food in an atmosphere that is both homey and sophisticated- a place where they offer both fresh squeezed lemonade and multiple beers on tap, and it just makes sense. With a mix of bars, tables, and booths; chalkboard walls and large windows, there is nothing ordinary about this restaurant. Even more appealing to me, I’ve yet to find similar gluten-free comfort food that surpasses Friedman’s anywhere else in the city. Friedman’s Lunch started in Chelsea Market but also has a location in Midtown West and is opening one up this summer near Columbia University.My favorite order* consists of their...
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