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Best friend twins (and their trusty sidekick) learning about style and life on their post-graduate journey through this magnificent concrete jungle.

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Category: Inspiration

6 Jul

Monday Mantra: Be Open

On His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 80th birthday (today), I find this quote especially fitting. Earlier today, the South Carolina Senate backed a bill to remove the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds. Taking down the flag "would not be an insult to the valor of Confederate soldiers. It would simply be an acknowledgment that the cause for which they fought—the cause of slavery—was wrong." --President Obama.  From this point forward we can celebrate this as a positive moment in our history.  ...
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29 Jun

Monday Mantra: Love is Love

Our hearts are full from the overwhelming love and acceptance we experienced this weekend. While this was not our first NYC Pride Fest, it was the first we got to spend with our older brother, for whom we are full of pride.    ...
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1 Jun

Monday Mantra: Silly Noodle

Whether you've been told you were reaching too high or that your idea was impractical, this week's monday mantra should reestablish your confidence and prove the haters wrong. From pool noodles, to our most coveted technologies, there are always some who are full of doubt. Just remember that is not on you- they're the ones with the creative short-sightedness and you will be the one changing the world....
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