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Category: Music

4 Apr

Tunesday with David Haller

After being unapologetically engrossed in FX's new Marvel show, Legion, we decided there was no better inspiration for this Tunesday than the Legion soundtrack, which was shaped by music itself, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. "The Dark Side of the Moon was sort of the sound of schizophrenia, the sound of mental illness in the ’70s. So why not use that as the touchstone for what the sound of this score might be?" With original music by Jeff Russo (which deserves its own post) as a driving force for "auditory hallucinations," viewers are transported down the rabbit hole and into the minds of every intricately complex character as they develop from chapters 1 to 8. The supplied music then acts as a catalyst, helping...
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14 Feb

Happy Valentunesday!

  Whether you’re in the “I love love” mood, the “I don’t need no man (or woman)” mood, the “heartbroken” mood, or anything in-between, here is a roundup of love songs, breakup songs, songs to assert your independence, and survivor anthems to get you through the day.   Which one is your favorite?!...
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3 Jan

Tunesday: Good Girls Revolt

After reading about the unfortunate, and seemingly unfounded, cancellation of the original Amazon series, Good Girls Revolt, we needed to see for ourselves what all of the fuss was about. We couldn't stop watching, or listening! At first, it seemed like an easy task, putting together music from the late 60's and 70's but the show took it one step further. The soundtrack was so well curated, and each song, so expertly timed, that the music truly elevated the quality of the already outstanding show to new heights. Gary Calamar, the show's music supervisor, also music supervised such well known shows as Six Feet Under, True Blood and Dexter-- so clearly he has a knack for it. Here is a comprehensive and almost complete playlist of the...
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27 Dec

Tunesday with Kaleo

Kaleo Tunesday
If you haven't heard them yet, hopefully this Tunesday stops you from living without their music for much longer. Though they formed in 2012, I have just been made aware of Kaleo which is irritating because that means I could have been enjoying them for five years already.   Kaleo is a Hawaiian word that translates to "the sound,” and I cannot think of a more perfect name…. despite their not being from Hawaii. Hailing from the small Icelandic town called Mosfellsbær, near the country’s capital, Reykjavík, Kaleo now resides in Austin, Texas.       Their most recent record, A/B, was released this past June 10… which just so happens to be the Twinseperable Team's birthday. The Handprint Tour begins in January and runs...
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22 Nov

This Tunesday is Sweet/Vicious

“If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution.”  Emma Goldman MTV's new show, Sweet/Vicious, is definitely a revolution of sorts, and we want in! If the relevant and significant subject matter of kickass heroines isn’t enough to grab your attention, the soundtrack surely will! Due to the skillfully curated tunes, and overflowing with excitement for tonight’s second episode, today’s Tunesday is all about Sweet/Vicious.  Writer, creator and co-executive producer, Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, had this to say about the role music plays throughout the show: “Music has always been extremely important to me. I think a good soundtrack elevates film and television, so it was imperative that music be a huge part of this world. We want to be a platform for introducing new artists and songs...
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15 Nov

Tunesday for Leonard Cohen

A few months ago I tried writing a Tunesday but became so overwhelmed by emotion, I was never able to complete it. I actually think it was a combination of sadness, and the fear that some wouldn’t understand why the story of two people who I’d never met could mean so much to me. On July 28 of this year, a woman named Marianne Ihlen passed away, and as soon as I saw that headline, I felt a tinge in my heart. A person can have many loves; some relationships work out and some do not, but the love itself, can still, absolutely, last forever. For Leonard Cohen, Marianne Ihlen was one of those great loves. Brought together by a time and...
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1 Nov

Tunesday with The Shins

I remember really starting to love The Shins when Zach Braff's movie, Garden State, came out and their music was included on the Grammy Award winning soundtrack. New Slang skyrocketed to the top of the charts and has remained one of the most universally known songs from the early 2000s. Their song, Turn on Me, then appeared in an episode of The OC and as a teen at the time...
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25 Oct

Tunesday with Joanne

This Tunesday is all about Joanne. I don’t think anyone was expecting Lady gaga’s newest (and 5th) album to be anything like her previous releases. Her music has always been heavily influenced, as with many artists, by her personal life and the different personas  she was embracing at that time. She has taken a massive step out of the spotlight in the past year or so and when she was making appearances, she was noticeably more subdued in her presence.   Whatever the reason, if it gave her time to develop and produce Joanne, I am so glad. She has referred to her earlier songs as “soulless electro-pop.” If that is how she truly felt, then I understand why she poured herself, so vulnerably,...
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