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Category: Music

19 May

This Tunesday is About Joy… Vance Joy.

"Riptide" is another wonderful example of how musicians possess a unique ability to let simple life experiences inspire them to create art. It is also an example of how artists can use songs to express, or help us express, what we otherwise may struggle to say. James Keough (the artist's real name) credits most lyrics of this catchy tune to a number of various, seemingly ordinary, events. It starts out depicting his fears and shyness and then flows into a cute vignette about a young girl he met who he couldn't forget. The song then goes on to describe the emotions that come along with such an experience. Lyrics aside, the instrumental aspects of the song are equally as arresting. When I listen to this song, I am engulfed in waves of emotion (cue Rob Burgundy jokes) and...
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12 May

This Tunesday is About Family

With Mother's day having just passed, and Father's day coming up shortly, my mind is on family. Music has always been  a shared passion for everyone in my family and a wonderful bond for us. My parents raised my siblings and me on great music and we'd play the "who sings this" game every morning on the drive to school. Sometimes when we'd all be cooking together, we would blast CSNY and dance around while we worked. It is no surprise then that this Tunesday I've picked two of my favorite CSNY songs: "Teach Your Children", and "Our House"
"Teach Your Children" has so much more history and meaning than most people are aware of.  It was originally written by Graham Nash, when he was a member of The Hollies, but never recorded and...
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5 May

This Tunesday Let’s Take Time to Reflect

Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Walter Scott, Trayvon Martin, and Eric Garner.  All unarmed and dead at the hands of another. Whether or not the intent was to cause death, there is a clear pattern of careless disregard for life. All of these events have brought together people across gender, age, race, socioeconomic status and religious divides to stand up and say it isn’t okay- that’s a beautiful thing. Art is often a vehicle for highlighting passions too complex for the plain word. That is why this Tunesday’s song is American Skin (41 shots) by Bruce Springsteen. And in the immortal words of Bruce himself this isn’t anti-police, it’s anti-tragedy....
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28 Apr

It’s Tunesday, So Shut Up + Dance

The band Walk the Moon's latest album, "Talking is Hard," is full of songs so up-beat, resisting the urge to dance might just lead to spontaneous combustion. Appropriately, their single, Shut Up and Dance, is the perfect combination of electro-funk and alternative rock, and is sure to prove that theory right. Currently sitting at number 8 on Billboard's Hot 100 and number 2 on iTunes, there is no doubt this song is magic.  ...
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21 Apr

We’ve Got Mumford on Our Minds

Seeing Mumford and Sons live at Bonnaroo in 2011 was one of the greatest experiences of my life and something that will be with me forever. It should come as no surprise then that, with festival season upon us, this Tunesday is all about Mumford. It is also perfect timing that after the release of three singles, their entire third album is to be released in May. I was a little skeptical at first because this is a banjo-less rock album (try to catch your breath), but after hearing the singles my faith is restored. It's almost as if I'm falling in love with a new band because Mumford will always be folk rock to me. Nevertheless, get ready for...
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14 Apr

Smooth Tunesday

This TUNESDAY we’re feeling SMOOTH over here at Twinseperable. This song paints a picture from beginning to end, and kind of makes us wish we were dancing somewhere exotic in red skirts and fitted cropped tops. If you like Rob Thomas’ voice and the incredible guitar stylings of Santana, make sure to listen (and dance) along with us!...
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7 Apr

This Tunesday is All About Perspective!

This #TUNESDAY we’re listening to a medley of Allman Brothers songs!
Even though it can be difficult to stay cheery on a gloomy day (such as this one), there’s nothing a good song or two (maybe three) can’t fix. Start with some Soulshine, to remind you that you have it within yourself to brighten up :) Move on to Blue Skies… because there’s no harm in being optimistic. If you’re still in a funk, blast Jessica. This instrumental is sure to make you smile. It’s a perfect example of how music- even without lyrics- has the power to make you feel. Keep on keeping on,...
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29 Mar


In 1984 Leonard Cohen released his album called Various Positions, with Hallelujah on it. It is said that Cohen struggled to complete the song, and wrote over 50 verses before being satisfied. Even still, the song was not very successful at first and didn’t truly become so until it was covered by John Cale in 1992. After Cale’s cover, Jeff Buckley covered it and created the most acclaimed and consistently popular cover of the song to this day. There are over 100 covers and below is a selection of my top 10. Part of what makes Hallelujah so magical is its simplicity and how the lyrics speak for themselves. That’s why some of the best covers are the least produced. That...
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