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6 Jun

Tunesday for Manchester

This past weekend was filled with music all over the world. Team Twinseperable was lucky enough to score lobbyist passes to Gov Ball, resulting in a lovely few days of Don Julio cocktails and musical sets to satisfy even the most discerning palates (thanks Jenn Kaytin). However, sometimes music is about something bigger. This past Sunday was also the Manchester Benefit concert. After the incredible time we had on Randall’s Island, we made sure to watch the Benefit in its entirety once we returned to our HQ, and are dedicating this Tunesday to Manchester. The attack at Ariana Grande’s concert on May 22 was extremely well planned, targeting a select group of people and sending a loud message. It was no coincidence that...
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30 May

Tunesday for Gregg Allman

Today's Tunesday is in honor of, and respect for, Southern Rock pioneer, Gregg Allman, who passed away at 69 on May 27. He was a creator. He was a pioneer. He will always be a legend. Team Twinseperable has always been a fan of The Allman Brothers. We even published a post over 2 years ago, sharing why they never fail to cheer us up on gloomy days. With Duane's passing in the 70's...
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30 May

Havana Highlights

  Recently, we took an amazing cruise to Havana, Cuba on Norwegian Sky*. Despite our pre-cruise excitement, we didn’t realize how powerful the experience would be until we were there. It is incredibly liberating to completely unplug for a week. Having to dust off our rusty Spanish vocabularies only added to the richness of the experience. Carefully choosing our words as we tried to speak Spanish as much as possible was both challenging and rewarding. Stepping off the ship and into Old Havana was like walking in a dream. Despite many of the building’s crumbling facades, there were moments when the light acted as a veil-- revealing glimpses of what used to be. In the middle of it all was the central square, which...
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23 May

Tunesday with Harry Styles

Not generally a fan of “One Direction-esque” pop music, I was not very familiar with the specific nature of each member’s talent. Zayn has had incredibly successful hits, but at first they seemed like a desperate attempt to prove he was grown up and to overcompensate for any masculinity he felt he lost being a member of a boy band. It came as quite a shock to me then, when Harry Styles released his eponymous first album-- an album, that so clearly demonstrated his musical knowledge and passion for rock. Mr. Styles has a very long way to go if he wants to be on the same level as those I can only imagine inspired this album, a la Elton...
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22 Apr

Earth Day Roundup 2017

At Twinseperable, we believe every day is Earth Day, so here is our 2017 roundup of eco-friendly products and brands you can incorporate into your daily routine and living spaces all year round. Click here for last year's picks, and for some great tips on how to make a difference check this out! Back at the top of our list for the second year in a row is a Twinseperable favorite, Boll & Branch, specifically their  cable knit throw. This throw consists of Fair Trade Certified and 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton with eco-friendly, non-toxic dyes. As a brand, they believe that by selling directly online to the consumer, they eliminate the cost of the middleman and retail space, saving you money and ensuring you’re purchasing...
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5 Apr

#WCW with Hildie Plumpepper

For this month's installation of amazing women who inspire us, we look no further than Hildie Plumpepper, the spunky, sophisticated, silver-haired socialite who sashayed into our hearts through social media. Perhaps it is the combination of my background in art and my love of fashion, but in the same way I used to daydream about Cher Horowitz's closet in Clueless, I currently daydream about drawing my newest wish list item into existence, like a pair of Gucci Princetown loafers, or a Cartier Ballon Bleu watch. Hildie does just that. She is the impeccably adorned creation of illustrator Jill Anthony, with a great political voice to boot...
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4 Apr

Tunesday with David Haller

After being unapologetically engrossed in FX's new Marvel show, Legion, we decided there was no better inspiration for this Tunesday than the Legion soundtrack, which was shaped by music itself, Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. "The Dark Side of the Moon was sort of the sound of schizophrenia, the sound of mental illness in the ’70s. So why not use that as the touchstone for what the sound of this score might be?" With original music by Jeff Russo (which deserves its own post) as a driving force for "auditory hallucinations," viewers are transported down the rabbit hole and into the minds of every intricately complex character as they develop from chapters 1 to 8. The supplied music then acts as a catalyst, helping...
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7 Mar

Throwback Tunesday

Despite the small victory of preventing the Trump administration's "first Muslim ban" from going in to effect, do not believe that the new, "watered down" EO is any less of a threat to human rights and religious freedom. Huffpost outlined some of the specifics for comparison. Read them below, and click here for the more detailed explanation of each point and what it truly means. What changed in the new order: Iraq removed from list of countries on the travel ban Applies only to non-visa holders (anyone with a valid or multi-entry visa is exempt from the new order) Will not go into effect until March 16 to avoid chaos Exceptions for religious minorities removed What remains from the previous order: Refugee resettlement program...
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