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Category: Trends

13 May

Vintage Versace

This look was taken a couple months ago and never posted, but the neon is still so relevant for spring/summer that we decided to share it anyway! The jacket is a Versace piece that our mom found in a vintage shop back home and snagged for us (with the matching skirt!!). It can be daunting to wear something fluorescent if that's not usually your style, but I was afraid to wear this amazing jacket at first and now it's one of my most prized items. Pro tip- you don't have to dive head first into a sea of neon. Choose a bright accessory or pair of shoes with an outfit you'd normally wear, i.e. all black or denim and test the...
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7 Aug

Earring Edit

Tassels and fringe have been trending on everything from shoes, to bags, to clothes, to jewelry. Fun textures and bright pops of color are easy ways to update warm weather basics. Having worn the same silver stud earrings every day since I was 17, I was hesitant to try anything more adventurous. Earrings have never been an accessory I felt like experimenting with...
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24 Apr

Join the Cult

        The Cult Gaia Ark bag (if you can call it a bag) has been on our wishlist since last spring! The cult-favorite was out of stock every time we tried to get our hands on it. Finally, and just in time for our trip to Cuba, we got the large size in Natural. Its structure is so unique, and the body is surprisingly spacious. For anyone looking to make even more of a statement, they recently released some other gorgeous colors. The handles take a minute to get used to, but in all other aspects, this bag is perfect for Spring/Summer and 100% worth the investment. If it isn't your style, make sure to check out some of our other seasonal faves from...
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23 Nov

Varsity Jackets

        In a refreshing transition, heavier embellished varsity jackets for fall/winter have replaced the lightweight and sporty bomber jackets from summer. That's not to say either of the trends are seasonally exclusive. However, as the temperature drops, it's only natural that embroidered silk is traded in for patch covered wool, leather, and even in this case, faux fur. I'm not sure if it's a longing for the 60's*, or just the fact that I'm obsessed with Coach's collection which happens to be riddled with the look, but I can't get enough. The one pictured here is Zara, but I'm also in LOVE with the versions below! Saint Laurent / Coach / Rag & Bone / Opening Ceremony / French Connection / Marc Jacobs *Fun fact of...
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14 Nov

Cables and Cold Shoulders

          I've always been a lover of chunky cable knits. The cold shoulder trend on the other hand, not so much. I try to stay away from any garment that aims to draw that much attention to any one body part. I'm not particularly self conscious of my shoulders, and always considered them to be a fairly innocuous body part, but I'd never quite lost my skepticism of this trend. That is, however, until I tried this specific one. Different aspects of the garment can definitely help or hurt the entire look. For example, if the cold shoulder is too open or too closed. Even the neckline makes a difference. I much prefer this style with a built up neck. Basically, whether this trend works,...
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24 Oct

Bell Sleeve Roundup

Last year, I featured this trend, and this year it has a new update. My favorite sweater style right now is the tiered bell sleeve*. Adding volume to sweaters is difficult as they tend to come across as chunky and unflattering depending on the area. However, the feminine ruffles on the sleeve as opposed to the bodice of the sweater are incredibly flattering, and by contrast slimming to the body. Shop my picks below!   Style Mafia   Club Monaco   Olivia Palermo + Chelsea 28   Endless Rose   Co   *Disclaimer- This is not the most practical style to fit under a jacket or coat. It looked like I was wearing thick...
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17 Oct

Velvet Blazers

Blazers are perfect for fall temperatures before jackets are truly necessary, and the amount of velvet this season is elevating the layering staple to a more interesting level. They are a favorite of mine to wear over a blouse to the office, or or over a slip top and jeans for going out. Stay tuned for a look featuring this trend, and scroll below for my picks!   Missguided   Mango   Free People Emporio Armani   Johnny Was   Kenzo...
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29 Sep

What a Piece of Crap

It's easy to see the silver lining in everything, when I'm looking from behind my new polarized lenses. Some people love shoes, some people love bags. My weakness- sunglasses. I'm a firm believe in quality over quantity, and would rather save up money and buy a great pair that will last rather than a less-expensive disposable pair. Unfortunately, really great lenses don't exactly come cheap, and I don't often indulge as there are other things I find myself needing to purchase at this stage in my life, but holy CRAP! CRAP Eyewear is a budding business that began in the early 2000s. "The idea was to make a brand that was basically a middle finger to the established sunglass market – DIY streetwear made by the...
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22 Sep

Backless Loafers for Fall

Photo C/O The Guardian   It's officially Fall!! Which in my mind means even more justification for scooping up new pieces. Backless loafers are one of the most important shoe styles for this season and as an very picky shopper, I did the legwork so you don't have to. I mainly credit this rise in popularity to Gucci, and their incredibly sought after fur lined iteration. They also have plain leather, metallic, printed, and embroidered versions, but the black are my favorite by far. Unfortunately for me, the solid pair is just shy of $600. And by "just shy", I mean $595 before tax. While the Gucci name and signature horse bit hardware are part of the appeal (and I will 100% admit it), there...
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