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13 Jul

Cost Per Wear and How to Lower It

I’ve mentioned cost-per-wear multiple times, but have yet to go into a detailed post about it.

I treat myself to little things here and there because well, I work hard, and its important to treat yourself (post to come about this soon). When it comes to spontaneous purchases, I try and keep them below $30, and I try to limit myself to two a month. Since I monitor my finances on a month-to-month basis, if I’ve not eaten out too often or over-spent frivolously, I can usually afford to treat myself to a few little things out of my self-imposed monthly allowance.

Every week, I also take part of my paycheck and put it in an extra account that I try to grow for special items or sales that I want to treat myself to. Since I make a concerted effort to grow this side account and touch it as little as possible, when I do decide to dip into it, I absolutely make sure it is for pieces with a low cost-per-wear- meaning the total price of the garment divided by the intended amount of wears is low.


One easy in-store way to decide if an item will have a low CPW is by assessing not only how many different things you can wear it with but also WHERE you can wear it. An expensive beach cover up would likely be difficult to make work appropriate and likely even harder to dress up.

A recent purchase I was determined to make work is this Reformation dress- the long version worn by Karlie Kloss, Sophia Bush, to name a few. I posted the dress before as what I chose to wear to my birthday festivities. With a low neckline, midriff cutout, and button front, this was definitely one of the riskier (or should I say risqué-er) things I’ve splurged on. I was absolutely determined to make it work for any and all occasions since it was, for my budget, relatively expensive. So far, I have found a way wear it any time and to any place I’ve wanted, even making it suitable for work! While I have quite a few more wears to hit my goal, so far we’re on the right track.



Birthday- with heels

Park- with sandals

Work- with a black tee underneath and black flatforms

Play- with a white sleeveless ribbed turtleneck and white sneaks.


The layering look has been used recently to make silk slips and more revealing garments street aprops, so it was the perfect trick to extend the wears of this dress! See an ex. on Weworewhat

Dress- Reformation / Turtleneck- H&M / Sneakers- Adidas


Ariana Levy
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