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17 Jul

DIY Eugenia Kim and Some Stuff About Loving Yourself

This was supposed to be a post on re-interpreting quite possibly the trendiest hat of the summer. However, with the launch of the People Style Watch #loveyourshape campaign, it quickly turned into something else.

Those who know me well know I have always been self-conscious about my body. I’ve struggled with seeing myself as a healthy woman, and tend to make up reasons to pick on myself that don’t actually exist. Although I have recently decided to stop body shaming (because its awful), it is all a learning process and there are still a few things I am trying to work on (mostly mental).

Instead of product shots and details only, we decided to shoot the complete pool look (a first for me), and to celebrate being comfortable in your own skin.

loveyourshape- swim-legs



That having been said, I was incredibly grateful for this Cosmo article on 12 Things Every Twentysomething Woman Needs To Do To get a Bikini Body (#11 is my favorite).

With a stunning Selena Gomez as the opening image, and Cosmo notorious for all things sexy, I expected a juice cleanse, or crash diet to follow. Much to my surprise, I was completely wrong.

loveyourshape-eugenia kim-diy-front

I fell in love with this Eugenia Kim hat months ago and with a price tag of $400+, I realized it would never happen. Blogger after blogger, and trend site after site have featured it as the must have item for summer, but realistically, how many people can actually have it? This is where an H&M bag ($14.99), sequin string, and some hot glue came in handy.

The wide-brimmed floppy hat features the phrase “do not disturb” written in cursive with black sequins. Attempting to put my own spin on it, I wanted to make a beach shopper that read “Bon Voyage”. Since the bag is white, I tried to avoid marking it up as much as possible. I traced where I wanted letters to go with my finger to imagine the size and placement, and just went for it.

The total process cost under $50, and took less than an hour!

Hat / Top / Bottoms are no longer available / Bag (without embellishment) / Sandals

Would you wear this look? Share thoughts below.

Ariana Levy

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