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11 Sep

DIY – Make Old Denim New

While different fashion sites claim certain jean styles are “in” or “out”, I’ve always believed that at the end of the day denim is one of the few areas of fashion where trends actually turn at a slowish rate. For example, even if skinny jeans aren’t topping the charts in terms of silhouette, they will always sell. Same for boyfriend jeans, and same for flares and culottes. Not all at the same frequency, but denim is so ingrained into our every day lives that people gravitate towards comfort and what fits their body type more often than purchasing a new pair every season. Good denim is not exactly cheap, and so in my opinion , it makes more sense to invest in a great fit for you than for something trendy and fleeting.

The past few months, super fringe jeans have been everywhere, and I felt like this was actually a “new” trend worth trying. The pair I really love are by 3×1 and just shy of $300, so finding a way to do them myself seemed like a more realistic idea. I already knew the jeans I wanted to use- a pair of hand me down cropped Ralph Laurens from my grandma featured in this post from last year.


Before cutting into them right away, I either needed find a thrifted pair to practice on, or a foolproof method. Enter The Zoe Report, and the amazing video below. After snipping into my own jeans, I couldn’t be happier with the result! Stay tuned for a full look.


Ariana Levy
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