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26 Aug

The Surprising Color Trend for Fall

Pastel is the surprising color trend for fall. An understandable palette for spring, and maybe even summer, but fall?!

Lately I have been making outfit after outfit with pale shades of blue, pink and even mint, and I absolutely love them! Just because pastels are not a typical color story for this time of year doesn’t mean they can’t be valid.

The more I delve into the world that is fashion blogging, I see how much influencers do just that; influence. Whether it be a magazine editor, engineer, teacher, blogger, celebrity, etc., in a world of immediate satisfaction via social media, they are the ones driving the trends. So in essence, all rules are off. People who might not even be trained in fashion, and who are solely known for their style, are the ones who control what we wear.

My latest blogger girlcrush is Carrie C of Wear+Where+Well– a down to earth stunner who makes looking fab seem absolutely effortless. Make sure to read her thoughts on how to wear mint green, and see below for my pastel-spiration.


Sidebar- I still get giddy when I feel like I out-trend a store or fashion site, but the worst part is you usually never see it until its already been shared by someone else. I am building my confidence in this field and forget sometimes that you can’t be right 100% of the time. When I think something farfetched is going to be huge, I will usually write a post or shoot a look and just sit on it until I feel comfortable sharing. Which usually means until someone else does it first. I am working on this. An amazing online fashion site is Who What Wear and their influence and accuracy is incredible.

Find the credits for these images on our Pinterest and check out pastels included in The Zoe Report trends for spring.

Ariana Levy

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