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28 May

Gluten-free in Ojai

When you drive down the streets of Ojai, California, you are often surrounded by rows of orange trees stretching on for miles. There is a sense of closeness to nature and a freshness to the environment. It’s rural without being farmland… at least to us New Yorkers and Floridians. We knew we would need to find a gluten-free breakfast spot I could eat at and came across a lovely local cafe/market called The Farmer and The Cook. It is just as you’d expect from the name.
They had an abundance of fresh baked goods to offer as well as delicious traditional breakfast foods and mouthwatering specials. I ordered the juevos rancheros and it completely surpassed my expectations. While waiting for our food, we watched the cooks grab fresh produce from the cafe’s small market to cook with. It was the epitome of farm-to-table and there truly is nothing like it. We thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast; not only was the food delicious and we got to support a local shop, but the aesthetic of the cafe was also one of a kind.
The decor included a “peace pole,” a red brick oven, a nomadic guitar player and his dog, and couch and table seating (including large family-style tables). If you’ve never been to Ojai before, make sure to venture up there, even if just for this meal!
Right around the corner we also stumbled upon an “art in the park” walk filled with trinkets and artwork too great to resist… I may have splurged on a few items. This family trip was one I’ll never forget.
Gabrielle Levy
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