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7 May

Gluten-Free Pan-Asian Cuisine

As with most foods, when it comes to gluten-free Asian cuisine, it can be hit-or-miss. The fact that rice is used a lot in their food, as opposed to wheat, helps a lot. However, a lot of the sauces that accompany the large selections of rice-based dishes, more often than not, contain gluten (brown sauce, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce etc.). 

Enter: Lilli & Loo (Lexington between 61 and 62).

In addition to delicious drinks/cocktails, this incredible Pan-Asian restaurant contains an extensive gluten-free menu, mirroring many of their main menu items! They can make all of their sauces gluten free, they have gluten free dumplings, and tempura… even some gluten free desserts to try at the end (if you can fit anymore in your stomach)! If you walk in and see it crowded do not fear; just go upstairs where there is more seating room. Lilli & Loo is two-stories of wonderful.  

My favorite dishes include the dumplings, pad thai, fried rice, and spicy tuna roll. One of the best parts about this gem, is that i don’t ever feel gross or heavy after my meal. Their use of fresh ingredients with various complimentary flavors will make you drool and sets them apart. This is also the place to go with a group so you can all share dishes. Trying to pick just one is a challenge, so the more people sharing, the more deliciousness everyone gets to enjoy.

Gabrielle Levy
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