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23 Apr

Delicious Gluten Free Pizza: This is Not a Drill

Tucked away in the West Village is one of my favorite restaurants in the world.

I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease almost five years ago. Although I never wallow in my gluten-less world, it was a bummer at first since there’s nothing I love more than a good slice (…or pie) of pizza. I settled for a while with mediocre substitutes, and then Keste changed my life. You are transported the minute you step inside this tiny, intimate restaurant. You are no longer in The Village, but rather, a small village somewhere off the coast of Italy. Their menu has a senza glutine section with numerous, flavorful options. They don’t even allow substitutions, in an effort to avoid all potential cross-contamination. Fortunately, no substitutions are needed. Everything is delicious as is. The crust is the perfect amount of crispy and doughy, the fresh mozzarella is always perfectly melted just to the point where it bubbles, and the sauce is the cherry (tomato) on top of it all!

I always go for the margherita pizza with salami, but I can guarantee that anything on the menu will light up your palate and make all other pizzas unworthy of the name.

Buon appetito!


(I did not take these images- all rights belong to Keste Pizzaria & Vino and were found on their website)
Gabrielle Levy
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