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27 Oct

Hello, Tunesday. It’s me.

This Tunesday is all about Hello.

Having left a massive emptiness in our lives for the past three years, Adele returned with a big “FUCK YEAH!”

If you have yet to hear her newly dropped single, take a listen below and prepare for all the feels (this was one of my personal favorite responses: “Legend has it if you cry and say your ex’s name three times in the mirror Adele will come and cry with you.”)


Beginning the song with her traditional sultry voice (that sounds like it has experienced way too much to be just 27), she details a story about heartbreak, forgiveness and moving on. As soon as she began belting the first chorus, I had chills down my spine that lasted well after the song was over. Her lyrics, “hello from the other side” perfectly describe how it feels to be a different person after such heartbreak, and go on to explain how after enough time you can look back and things are always different as they seemed in the moment- for better or worse.

Hello is a long heart-wrenching apologetic love letter that anyone who has ever been an emotional wreck can relate to. I particularly find myself wrapped up in her lyrics when I listen with headphones and everything around me stops. I almost feel a physical blanket of feelings surround my body and hold me captive throughout the song’s entirety.

If you are still capable of forming sentences after listening to this song, comment below with your reaction!

Gabrielle Levy
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