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30 Jul

How to Keep Your Casual Friday Chic

I love styling and creating interesting looks, but I’ll be the first to admit that my feed isn’t a true depiction of my weekly outfits. Rather, it is a lookbook where I interpret my favorite trends and fashion experiments. On the weekends when I am not shooting looks, I pretty much live in Adidas/Birkenstocks, jeans, and a graphic tee.

Working in a more corporate end of the fashion industry, I am unable to bring certain styles into the workplace, regardless of how trendy they are. Even when athleisure was at its peak, sneakers (even fresh, clean ones) were only allowed on Fridays, and spandex was always a no-go. While I am a huge supporter of comfort in fashion on a daily basis, and look forward to “casual Friday” for an excuse to dress in my favorite weekend wear, I recently stumbled on an interesting article that adjusted my opinion completely.

According to findings quoted in NYmag, people who feel more dressed up are more likely to think of themselves as competent and rational, and are able to think more abstractly in the workplace. I am not suggesting we burn our Birks and favorite pair of cutoff jeans and say sayonara to casual Fridays forever, but there are definitely things we can do to make sure our minds are always at their most positive and most creative.

If your typical work outfit consists of a dress and heels, don’t let yourself go completely by showing up on Friday in jeans, sneakers and a plain shirt. I have always felt more confident when I am put together, so this research comes as no surprise. When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do well. Refusing to give up casual Fridays altogether, I created my favorite equation for a total win.

Whatever dress you would normally wear with heels (can be replaced with skirt and solid top) + Chambray or white button down (tied around the waist) + Trendy sneakers = SUCCESS





Dress (thrifted)- Trina Turk (great option here) / Chambray- Polo / Heels- Schutz / Sneakers- Adidas

The chambray makes it more casual without dressing it down too much, and the sneakers offer a comfortable and trendy alternative to heels.

Would you follow this guideline for your next casual Friday? Comment in the field below.

Ariana Levy
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