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20 Jul

Inspired by Gucci

Gucci prints have always been lauded for their elaborate and colorful details, but their last few collections have gone absolutely viral. I’m not entirely sure what caused this Gucci mania, but as an artist and fashion fanatic, I don’t hate it at all…I just wish my bank account felt the same way.

Some eastern inspired embroidered silks were featured in Gucci’s A/W ’16 collection, but what I love most at the moment is the online exclusive Gucci Gardens collection. The newly released (July 5) collection features ornate prints that are stunning in their depiction of different classes of flora and fauna. Flowers, birds, and snakes are just a few key images that make up the richly vibrant print. In terms of accessories, the nature-inspired graphics are splashed all over their wildly popular leather goods, my favorites being the slides and “Dionysus” bag, in addition to a few ready-to-wear styles.

As someone who lives in dark colors, when I wear any sort of print, I tend to gravitate towards ones with light or white grounds (weird, I know). Unfortunately (for me), this isn’t a post featuring something from this Gucci collection. It is, however, a post inspired by it.

On my most recent trip to my grandmother’s house, she handed me a silk house robe she acquired on a trip to Japan and said she wanted me to have it. I 100% know she meant to wear around the house, but it was so beautiful and delicate that I wanted to take it out in the daylight. The print is more conversational than floral (and slightly more reminiscent of the few pieces from the A/W runway, than the gardens), but I feel it captures the beautiful Gucci essence nonetheless.

With the pajama trend ( i.e. slip dresses and lacy negligee) still strong, I felt layering a silk robe over a tee and jeans was 100% acceptable.






Ariana Levy
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