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22 Aug

Little Drops of Lemon… I Mean Heaven

Sometimes you can find happiness and beauty in the unexpected. Brenda of Lemon Drop Glass began making display pieces and jewelry as a hobby around 5 years ago. The name Lemon Drop is derived from the song Somewhere Over the Rainbow. More specifically the line, “where troubles melt like lemon drops”, which is how working with glass makes her feel. She works out of her garage studio and because it’s her own project, there is the added element of love and passion in each piece.

Thankfully for us, she began selling them! After spotting the “spheres ring” on a friend of mine, I knew I wanted one to add to my collection of hand candy. Her silver and glass pieces are sold on a small online shop where “every item is individually designed and  handcrafted”. Inspired by the natural world around us, “each piece has its own beauty.”

Since the holidays tend to sneak up faster than we’re ever prepared for, these are the perfect gifts to stock up on early!

Which piece is your favorite? Comment in the space below.


Gabrielle Levy
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