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18 Oct

Lorac Pro Contour Palette

One night when we were getting ready to go out, a friend was contouring using her Lorac Pro Contour Palette and let me borrow it. I was amazed at how slight shading on specific parts of my face could really affect how angular it looked. My beauty routine is fairly basic in terms of what I wear on a day to day basis. I have a favorite foundation (liquid and powder), bronzer, liner (liquid and pencil), cheek stain and chapstick. On a normal day, I can wear all of the aforementioned products, or sometimes just liner. While those products hold me over for the majority of my makeup-wearing moments, I was lacking something extra for shoots, or nights out where day to day regimen was a little plain. I try and stay FAR away from eyeshadow* since I have yet to master it and always end up looking like a clown, but contouring seemed like an appropriate next step into makeup exploration. For good eyeshadow tutorials (and giggles), follow Emma Rachelle on youtube.

Since the image above is obviously from a day shoot, I wanted a gentler contour and opted for more highlights than shadows.Though this is way to much makeup for me to wear regularly, It photographs well and makes me feel extra confident on a night where I want to get dressed up.


Phot Cred: Lorac YouTube channel

*tip- since I am terrified of using eyeshadow, I use a shadow brush and the contouring palette to gently contour my eyelid and brow bone (using the same techniques)

In my opinion, the key is layering and blending to achieve the perfect shadows. As a painter, I may have gotten a little carried away the first time. Remember, it is considerably easier to add a layer than to remove a layer without having to re-do the entire process.

Since I YouTube directions for just about everything, check below for the official Lorac contouring video.



Ariana Levy
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