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12 Oct

Minimizing Waste and Maximizing Action

As two very opinionated and outspoken women, we rarely find ourselves speechless. That being said, when it does happen, it’s usually because of something pretty fucking awesome.

Recently, while surfing the interwebs, we saw a video about a young woman, Lauren Singer, who lives a nearly zero waste lifestyle, and It moved us. Among all of the poisonous garbage constantly plastered across the internet, and the earth literally falling apart, here was someone who actually gave a shit. A big one.

Admittedly, life got in the way, and unfortunately, this story got overshadowed on our focus queue. Last weekend, when we were exploring Williamsburg, we saw the words “Package Free” and everything clicked. Maybe it was a lucky coincidence, or maybe we stumbled on The Package Free Shop now because we are at a point in our lives where we are ready and committed to making lifestyle changes.

The actual shop is below ground level, so as soon as you walk in, it feels as if you’re staring down at a magical land of eco-friendly and waste-reducing life-supplies. We instantly found hilarity in the desire to BUY EVERYTHING, when part of the zero-waste movement revolves around “less” in general… Focusing only on what we actually need.


From the moment we walked into store-level, we were briefed by co-founder and zero-waster, Daniel Silverstein. We knew we were hooked.

Located at 137 Grand St in Brooklyn, NY, what began as a pop-up has now become a permanent fixture representing the fight to, simply, waste less!

Appropriately and minimally adorned inside, the bold black type on the wall was a scream to wake up. The listed facts about all of the (unnecessary) waste we produce is enough to make you nauseous.

Fear not! Co-founders Lauren, Daniel and their team of highly knowledgeable employees are there to greet you with a friendly smile and help you make the right decisions for your lifestyle.

We must do better. And with people like Lauren and Daniel… We will.

To get started, we purchased one of the PFS String Bags. We actually grew up with these and were thrilled to be reunited. These are the most incredible grocery bags and can expand to fit a small child… we know from experience. Not creepy we promise. With a few of these babies, you’ll never need to use plastic bags again!

We’re also big fans of reusable straws and increased our collection with a few of their Stainless Steel Straws and straw brushes (to keep them spic and span and germ free).

Even in the few days since we stopped at PFS, we have been more aware of how much waste we produce and are making conscious efforts to reduce it. We’ll follow-up in a few weeks to share some of our progress and hopefully inspire you to do the same!

Gabrielle Levy
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