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31 Oct

Monday Mantra

Today’s Monday Mantra is simple and to-the-point.

There isn’t much need for examples or explanation, as one of the Presidential candidates… who shall not be named (Donald Trump), has seemingly made it his mission to do so for us.

Perhaps more than ever before, your vote matters in this election. Disdain, indifference, ignorance, or pride are not viable excuses. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton WILL be the next President. If you think you don’t “know enough” to make an informed decision (I can’t see how), get out and do some research. If you’re trying to make a statement by casting a “protest vote,” you are (in this case) casting a vote for the candidate you hate the most, and taking one away from the only other viable candidate.

If you aren’t registered, there still may be time! Click here to find out if you can still register, as well asĀ other helpful information about the election and state-by-state voting.

Always remember that although confidence is key, humility is essential, and an ego will ultimately, and certainly, crush you.

At least I hope so.

Gabrielle Levy
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