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16 Nov

Monday Mantra


With a heavy heart, we share this Monday mantra. It isn’t a new quote, and it’s been widely shared in recent days, but nothing else feels more appropriate. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. often made stirring and powerful statements- many that have withstood the test of time. He spoke powerful truths that are still poignant and relevant today, despite changes in the events surrounding their usage.
As most people are well aware, late Friday afternoon there was a terrorist attack in Paris that injured hundreds of civilians and so far killed over 100. With worldwide focus on that horrific act of hatred and violence, other terrorist acts which occurred this past week have garnered much less attention but they are equally important and heartbreaking.


Today’s post is for all of them. Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, West Bank, Cameroon, and Chad.


We pray for all of you. We pray for the world. 


Gabrielle Levy
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