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14 Sep

Monday Mantra: My Life Story Will Be A Good One

Sometimes we get so caught up in the present, that we forget to think about the bigger picture. For the past few months the Twinseperable Team has been training for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, a cause that hits particularly close to home.

When we decided to participate, we knew we wanted to wear none other than GoodhYOUman because of the positive ethos the company promotes. They generously provided each of us with the most inspiring (and comfortable) gear. It was as if the sports bra emblazoned with “breathe” and leggings with “run faster” on the calf were reminding our bodies to do so. Branded with enough inspirational phrases to cover Monday mantras for months, and quirky phrases like “forehead kisses are underrated”, GoodhYOUman is a company started from pure love and continually maintained by it.

We have had the incredible privilege of meeting GoodhYOUman founder Brett Novek on multiple occasions, and his passion and love radiates in all directions. After losing someone you love, it can be easy to find fault with the world, and he does just the opposite. It’s no surprise the brand is so incredible, it was started by a great hYOUman. Watch below for Brett’s story and how he started this awesome company out of his bathroom.

goodhYOUman | story video from Lloyd DeSouza on Vimeo.

The entire line is designed and produced in L.A. from start to finish. With a plethora of pieces made of the softest fibers and in all of the necessary basic colors, there’s no limit to the appeal.

One of our favorite phrases, and the inspiration behind this week’s Monday Mantra, just so happens to also be the company’s first: My life story will be a good one.

Definitely be present in the moment, but do so with the intention of making your life story… a good one.

Gabrielle Levy
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