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7 Nov

Monday Mantra

At this point in the campaign, it isn’t a matter of Republican or Democrat. It is a matter of right and wrong. The intent to do good versus the intent to control.

If Donald Trump becomes the next President of The United States, you will be sorry. The world will be sorry. But the difference is, the rest of the world didn’t have the ability to stop him. If the amount of Brexit regret was laughable, it will pale in comparison to the aftermath of actually electing a hate-spewing demagogue.

If you haven’t voted early yet, do not take your responsibility tomorrow lightly.

Tomorrow you have the power to prevent our country from heading down a path of doom and (in the event of a Trump victory) inevitable destruction.

Don’t make excuses. Don’t ignore your duty as an American. Don’t devalue the weight of your singular vote.

Tomorrow, make sure to


Gabrielle Levy
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