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6 Jul

Mother D****

“Mother Denim”, which was created in 2010, has 100% changed my life. I found the name odd since these are quite possibly the farthest things from “mom jeans”, but the quippy name is derived from both the love and innuendo that are associated with the word (hence my title).

Not only are they the softest jeans I’ve ever worn, a trait for which they are famous, but never has a pair fit so snugly around my butt and so comfortably around my waist. If the fit wasn’t perfect enough, the cut off hem hits my ankle at the right length, avoiding the terrible, shortening effect that cut-off skinny jeans tend to create.


This pair is the Looker Ankle Fray, and they’re ON SALE! You’re welcome.

See below for three other styles that are on my wish list.


1. The Swooner Fray Short

2. Undone Hem Looker Ankle

3. The Roller

Ariana Levy
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