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24 Jul

New Obsession: Archetypes

I recently stumbled upon a new perfume brand, only to find out that it is so much more.

At first, I was intrigued by Archetype perfumes because of their names and the packaging. Each scent is the name of a major characteristic and each label has “guiding lights’ and strengths on them. I grabbed the caregiver, advocate, and royal bottles and was particularly captivated by caregiver. I wanted to learn more about the concept behind these uniquely named perfumes and headed to the library of universal knowledge -Google. This is what I discovered. They are tailored to what people with each respective archetype would enjoy- a unique concept I have yet to see in the perfume world. According to their site, “your archetypes are the pathway to your ‘inner net’ that will allow you to connect to yourself and to others intuitively and on a far deeper level than ever possible before. Once you engage and begin to honor the language and patterns of your archetypes, a transformation begins not overnight but over time. You step into your path, your purpose, a life more easily balanced, days defined by your innate gifts, and friendships and relationships that fit with more ease and less effort. You begin to live your story.”


When I went to the website to see more about the company, my mind was blown. I was introduced to an entirely new way to experience the internet. Once you know your archetypes, their site tailors content to you from stories to recipes and everywhere in-between.

They give you strengths and weaknesses of each archetype and tips on how to be more you, so you can live your best life!

How do you know what archetypes you are? Head over to their site and take the quiz .

Always skeptical of personality quizzes myself, I was stunned to find how accurate my results were.



In the few days since I discovered the Archetypes site, I have been back to it more times than I can count. I’m constantly looking forward to new content and enjoy their categorized curation. I’ve also been wearing my new fragrances proudly and cannot wait to receive intellectual and creative, to round out my collection.

Take the quiz and comment below with your results!

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Gabrielle Levy
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