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24 Sep

No. 1 Travel Leggings










No matter the temperatures outside, I’ve never chosen to travel in shorts or skirts or dresses. Something about having my bare legs on the seats for hours has always sort of grossed me out. Leggings are usually a safe option, but that raises the question of “are leggings as pants ever really a good idea?”.

I used to to put very little effort into a flight outfit (no makeup and messy hair) as I am a huge proponent of comfort while traveling, but someone pointed out that they met their ex on a plane and I haven’t flown the same way since. ?

Disclaimer: I do not get dolled up to impress anyone else (ahem…dudes). Rather, nothing strips my confidence more than when I don’t feel ?, and so it is a conscious choice to arm myself with as much confidence as possible.

Supporting and being supported by powerful women is what we’re all about here at Twinseperable, so it’s no surprise that we were SO flattered when Spanx sent us their new Faux Leather Moto Leggings to test out! ❤️ We have been long time fans of Sara Blakely and could not be happier for this opportunity.

After wearing them around, and on a redeye flight from San Francisco to NYC, I can confidently say these are the perfect travel leggings. The trendy moto-style stitching makes them look like liquid leather biker pants instead of something that would be better worn to yoga or the gym. Lastly, Spanx wouldn’t be Spanx unless they had some magically flattering properties, which these definitely do. They are very high waisted but have a really thick and incredibly stretchy waist band that sucks you in without cutting off your air supply. Win ?? ????

The debate about leggings as pants will probably go on forever, but if you can’t tell they’re leggings, does it even matter?

Ariana Levy
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