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18 Jan

My Go-to Snow Boots




















Flashback to freshman year in college; it was a frigid November day in Syracuse and the naive Floridian in me was ill-prepared for the feet of snow that surrounded me. After slipping for the fourth time on my way to class, I decided snow boots were a necessary investment. The pickings were slim and the only options I had were the tall or short Ugg Adirondack boot in either grey and black or brown and black… none of which I was thrilled with. As much as I desperately wanted an all black pair, I could wait no longer. They not only got me through all of college (which, in Syracuse is an incredible amount of snow), but five years later and much to my surprise, I still love them and want them in every height and in every color. With the lack of snow in NYC, I have been waiting until I could break them out again. Fortunately, an impromptu ski weekend with friends was the perfect occasion!

See the different styles below and shop the Ugg Adirondack II here.

Ariana Levy
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