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12 Oct

Tech Meets Travel with Raden











I’ve never been a sexy traveler. Frantic has always been more my style. I’m constantly afraid i’ll forget something important, and instead bring everything I own. This often makes for overstuffed bags and usually a lot of sweating.

Over the years, and increased amount of travel, I’ve learned to be much more selective with what I bring. On a good flight, I’ll fall asleep. If not, how many books can I really get through in a three hour flight anyway?  What hasn’t really changed, is my choice of luggage. Good suitcases last years, which is precisely how long I’ve had mine. 11 years to be exact. Unfortunately, or fortunately if you account for planned obsolescence, features from wheels to handles evolve over time, making what would still be considered a great suitcase, outdated.

Picky doesn’t begin to describe my attitude towards luggage. It is an investment not unlike great outerwear or purses which should be fairly neutral and sophisticated. The shape has to be sleek and the color has to be dark and unoffensive since I tire of colors quickly

When I stumbled on Raden, I was immediately hooked. The features alone are enough to sell the product, and the shape was exactly what I was looking for. Before going all in on a set, I decided to try the brand’s carry on. Not only is it light and durable, but the 360 degrees Japanese wheel bases make it incredibly easy to push, pull, glide, float, etc. Packed in a drawstring bag that can also be used for dirty laundry, no detail or travel need went unnoticed with this design.

The suitcase comes with an app that wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to both track and weigh your luggage, making this one the greatest things in consumer technology since the “find my iPhone” cell phone feature. Finally, the pièce de résistance; a built in charger. Because whose phone hasn’t inconveniently died mid-travel? Even though more and more airports have installed charging stations for long layovers, delays, or just convenience, none of those let you charge on the go, which is precisely what I did…as I was boarding the plane. Needless to say the flight staff was impressed.

With Raden, form and function collide, creating a wildly practical, and exquisitely designed suitcase for the modern age.

Jet-setting in style has never been easier. Make sure to read about the rest of their features (linked above) and comment below if you’d travel with Raden.

Ariana Levy
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