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15 Aug

Raising My Barre

Lately, I’ve been on an exercise kick. However, I find I am painfully unmotivated to work out by myself in a gym and like to exercise by running or participating in activities. Having already tried yoga and pilates and not loving either, I decided to try barre because it is low-impact, high-intensity. When I heard that Gilt had a discount package on Pure Barre classes, I bought them right away and signed up on my summer Friday!

After packing the cutest mini LeSportsac gym bag , I headed to Columbus Circle for my 12:00 class.

Expecting to feel intimidated or self conscious, I was pleasantly surprised to feel anything but. My instructor’s name was Lauren and she was a gift from above. So energetic and attentive, she made sure I felt comfortable before the class began and continuously checked on my technique and comfort throughout. Full disclosure:  I had to stop for a few breathers, but never for a minute did I feel like I was failing.

For 55 minutes, your personal life will melt away as you plunge into this fun workout set to motivating music. Your teacher will set up the exercises and then circulate the room, correcting form to help you get the most out of your time. – Pure Barre

After every few sets, we would stretch out the targeted muscles and move on to the next exercise. Each section was long and intense enough where I felt like I physically couldn’t control my muscles anymore, but broken up enough with stretches that I was even more driven to fully complete each one.

With classes designed around the repetition of incremental movements and extreme muscular control, I exercised muscles I didn’t know I had. I am writing this post from the comfort of my bed since sore doesn’t begin to cover what I’m feeling, but it was totally worth it! Can’t wait to take more classes and keep challenging myself to complete each set.

Have you ever tried barre? What’s your favorite exercise class?

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Gabrielle Levy
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