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17 Apr

Twinseperable Does Record Store Day 2016

Record Store Day happens on the third Saturday of April every year (since 2007); created as a way  to celebrate, promote and support independently owned record stores. Involvement spans from the stores themselves, to the fans waiting outside, to the artists who even sometimes perform at participating locations around the country. There are always three types of releases: first releases, limited run/regional focus, and the most coveted – RSD exclusive releases, where special records are pressed in limited quantities specifically for Record Store Day and the stores taking part.

Normally, people don’t line up outside of record or CD stores for music anymore which makes me sad. There once was a community aspect to waiting in line for your favorite band’s latest album with fellow devotees. In what is a perfect description and (hopefully not) scary foreshadowing of societal behavior, that once very personal experience has turned into solitarily experiences in front of screens and digitally purchasing/downloading the newest music.

Music is all about experience: how it makes you feel, where you’re listening to it… what you did to get there, etc. Over here at Twinseperable HQ, we are huge proponents of listening to music on a turntable. Constantly on the lookout for rare finds, new releases or just expanding our arsenal of classics, we never turn down a trip to the record store.

In this particular case, we woke up at 5 a.m, on what eventually became a beautiful Saturday, to wait outside of (our new favorite record store) Bleecker Street Records for three hours. In the cold. In an attempt to get our hands on some of this year’s exclusive RSD limited releases.

Planning out our lists and participating in RSD has become a fun tradition for us, and today was no different. There’s something very magical and descriptive of music’s “higher powers” that is so poetically evident when music lovers show their dedication on days like this. (Disclaimer: The two of us could have fun stranded alone somewhere on a remote island, so in a line with eclectic strangers and a very accessible Starbucks, not to mention each other’s winning company, was really no sweat.)

We walked away with everything on our must-have list, including “Fleetwood Mac: The Alternate Tusk,” “David Bowie: The Man Who Sold The World” (on an incredible picture disc), “David Bowie: I Dig Everything – The Pye Singles 1996”, “Etta James: At Last” (on beautiful marbled green vinyl), “The Best of The Johnny Cash Show,” and  a very special pressing of 4 versions of Biggie’s “Mo Money, Mo Problems” (on money-green vinyl).

Vinyl just has such a rich quality to it and we couldn’t wait to get home and have the magic continue! Playing new (or newly acquired) records for the first time, may be even more exciting than finally getting them. Especially when there’s the added pride of knowing that you’re listening to a highly coveted limited or special release. We are glad to be able to say with the utmost confidence, that we nailed it. From Etta James’ “Sunday Kind of Love,” to David Bowie’s “All the Madmen,” it was everything we’d hoped for, plus some. When we closed our eyes, it even felt like we were guests at the Johnny Cash Show.

Gabrielle Levy
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