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27 Apr

Spring Brights

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In painting and other forms of art, I love color. On my person, however, I typically avoid anything too bright and splashy. Darks? Yes. Neutrals? Yes. Even pastels have been a common choice as of late. But bright outfits terrify me.

There’s no hiding body imperfections and avoiding attention when your look is brighter than the sun. Perhaps, that’s a positive and not a negative. Maybe if I pretend I’m comfortable and happy in something bright and different, I might actually BECOME comfortable and happy in something bright and different. Sort of like the “fake it ‘til you make it” philosophy.

All I know, is that when I wore these vibrant pants and amazing vintage Christian Lacroix jacket, the world DIDN’T end, and I stopped worrying about how I looked and just enjoyed THE look. The less you worry or care about what others will think, and the more you focus on how you want to feel, you can really start to have fun.

Ariana Levy
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