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Best friend twins (and their trusty sidekick) learning about style and life on their post-graduate journey through this magnificent concrete jungle.

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17 Aug

It’s In The Stars

When the Kate Bosworth X Matisse collection was released months ago, I fawned over the fawn colored Charlotte boot (number 2 below). With a price tag over $400, and scattered star-studded detail (which, although incredibly cool, could potentially lower the wearability and increase the CPW), they were definitely out of the question and completely out of my budget. As the months went on, the trend expanded and I found myself stalking every shopping website and Pinterest board in an attempt to find an affordable pair. After striking out in stores and online, a beautiful confluence of events gave me the perfect DIY idea. While running an errand at a trim store in the Garment District, I was scrolling through my instagram feed when an...
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15 Jul

The Best Vest For Right Now

This past season we were greeted with a renaissance of bohemian rhapsody, a trend (and song) that are long time favorites of mine. Along with the 70’s revival of fringe, printed chiffon, bell sleeves and crochet, came the cropped denim vest. While the longer length is more iconic of the 90’s, the shorter, fitted, sister of the jean jacket is a welcome alternative for these hot summer months*. The denim trend is still huge for seasons to come so it is a worth wile piece to invest in right now. I recently purchased one from Aritzia and have already worn it over a romper, with a skirt, and a maxi dress. Get the details below for my favorite picks! 1. H&M /...
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8 May

Vests and Versatility: Mastering the Art of Multipurpose Pieces

  It's difficult to follow every trend on a limited budget, so when choosing what to purchase, versatility is key. As far as bottoms go, I was in the market for wide-leg jeans and a pair of denim culottes. Knowing I also wanted to update the rest of my wardrobe, I decided not to spend money on both. It turns out I made the right choice; because by happy mistake, these wide-leg jeans can double as cuffed culottes. As I mentioned in my previous post, long vests or sleeveless blazers was another trend I was desperate to try. I had been keeping an eye out for a khaki vest that was in my budget when I remembered a dress I purchased almost a year...
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