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15 Nov

Tunesday for Leonard Cohen

A few months ago I tried writing a Tunesday but became so overwhelmed by emotion, I was never able to complete it. I actually think it was a combination of sadness, and the fear that some wouldn’t understand why the story of two people who I’d never met could mean so much to me. On July 28 of this year, a woman named Marianne Ihlen passed away, and as soon as I saw that headline, I felt a tinge in my heart. A person can have many loves; some relationships work out and some do not, but the love itself, can still, absolutely, last forever. For Leonard Cohen, Marianne Ihlen was one of those great loves. Brought together by a time and...
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26 Jan

Tunesday: The National

Another band not particularly new to the scene that has me hooked is The National. Compared to sounds of those like Band of Horses and Arcade Fire, I fell in love when I first heard "I need My Girl," from their most recent album entitled Trouble Will Find Me (2013).  It has a wonderfully reminiscent sound to one of the original deep rockers- Leonard Cohen. I was introduced to them by a friend- which is one of my favorite ways to learn about new (or new to me) artists. Music is a community and I hope this introduces some of you to a new sound, which I was so lucky to have experienced. Below are some of my favorites:   ...
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