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Best friend twins (and their trusty sidekick) learning about style and life on their post-graduate journey through this magnificent concrete jungle.

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10 Aug

Monday Mantra

“Speak only if it improves upon the silence.”- Gandhi With a multitude of offensive and frightening excerpts from last week's pissing contest (a.k.a. the Republican debates) still whirling in my head, I thought this was the only appropriate Monday Mantra. It's no surprise that I found it difficult to watch the primetime showdown, as I don't support any of those candidates. I expected to be angered by views on contraception and healthcare for women. I expected to be reminded of the fact that most of the Republican candidates care more about an unborn fetus than the health and safety of the woman carrying it or, for that matter, the child itself once born. I expected to hear about Ronald Reagan, the economy, Iran and Benghazi ad nauseam. I knew it would seem like torture, but I didn't expect to be quite...
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