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18 Jul

Monday Mantra: On Darkness

For today's Monday Mantra - thank you Sophia Bush (originally seen on her Instagram). She is one of our biggest inspirations at Twinseperable HQ and a constant source of perspective and positivity; especially when we lose sight of them. This post serves as a much needed reality check. Whether it be in your personal or work life, use the energy in stress and fear that you have and turn it into a starting point for something better. Maybe change or the courage to start over. Like Sophia, we interpreted it in regards to the violence and hatred currently enveloping the world. There are days where it seems the world is clouded in darkness. You can let it bury you or you can take it as a challenge to...
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6 Jun

Monday Mantra: Muhamad Ali

Though "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" may be Muhammad Ali's most recognized quote, we've chosen a different one for today's Monday Mantra. “The person [man] who views the world at 50 the same as they [he] did at 20 has wasted 30 years of their [his] life.” Having lived through such a historically eventful time in recent history, Ali's success as an athlete and his passionate beliefs placed him in a perpetual spotlight. A diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease in 1984 didn't stop him. Always involved in philanthropic activities and organizations, he continued his work- never allowing his personal hardships (past or then-present) to muddy his commitment to charity towards others. Muhammad Ali is a champion not only of the boxing ring, but...
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30 May

Monday Mantra: In Memoriam

Today's Monday Mantra is one of my favorite quotes by JFK, to honor the brave men and women who walk into the fights most people run away from. In what has somehow evolved into a weekend of partying and sun-bathing, we have a duty not to forget the actual reason we are given time to reflect. Today we remember those who have fallen, and their families, who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. What can you do for your country?  ...
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21 Sep

Monday Mantra: Emmy Inspiration

With all of the excitement following last night's Emmys, I wanted to chose a mantra that was descriptive of how I felt. So many wonderful women won in their respective categories including Viola Davis for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Uzo Aduba for Oustanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, and Allison Janney for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. All of these incredible women have multiple things in common but, here at Twinseperable, we believe the most important one is their ability to empower others, young women in particular. Girls need look no further than all of the female winners last night to understand this mantra and see its execution in...
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17 Aug

Monday Mantra

Our mother always told us, "when someone shows you who they are, believe them." It was normally in reference to someone showing their negative colors, but I find it appropriate here as well.  Both mantras revolve around the concept of recognizing people and accepting them for who they are- flaws and perfections, alike. It's exhausting to expect things out of others that you already know aren't attainable, it is also a foolproof way to be disappointed. I know I'm going to work more on this mantra, what about you?    ...
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10 Aug

Monday Mantra

“Speak only if it improves upon the silence.”- Gandhi With a multitude of offensive and frightening excerpts from last week's pissing contest (a.k.a. the Republican debates) still whirling in my head, I thought this was the only appropriate Monday Mantra. It's no surprise that I found it difficult to watch the primetime showdown, as I don't support any of those candidates. I expected to be angered by views on contraception and healthcare for women. I expected to be reminded of the fact that most of the Republican candidates care more about an unborn fetus than the health and safety of the woman carrying it or, for that matter, the child itself once born. I expected to hear about Ronald Reagan, the economy, Iran and Benghazi ad nauseam. I knew it would seem like torture, but I didn't expect to be quite...
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6 Jul

Monday Mantra: Be Open

On His Holiness the Dalai Lama's 80th birthday (today), I find this quote especially fitting. Earlier today, the South Carolina Senate backed a bill to remove the Confederate flag from the statehouse grounds. Taking down the flag "would not be an insult to the valor of Confederate soldiers. It would simply be an acknowledgment that the cause for which they fought—the cause of slavery—was wrong." --President Obama.  From this point forward we can celebrate this as a positive moment in our history.  ...
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