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Best friend twins (and their trusty sidekick) learning about style and life on their post-graduate journey through this magnificent concrete jungle.

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18 Aug


Dave Grohl. This tunesday is dedicated to David Eric Grohl- the man, the myth, the LEGEND. Having first discovered his talents while listening to Nevermind by Nirvana, there has always been something rockingly enchanting about his ability to annihilate drum sets and shred guitar strings. Despite his notable contributions, all things considered, Grohl was more of a background player in Nirvana. Enter: The Foo Fighters. I'm not sure why I didn't start listening to them until high school but, once I did, I was sold. According to Dave, "through Kurt, [he] saw the beauty of minimalism and the importance of music that's stripped down." Perhaps that's why I liked them so much. He also said in Foo Fighters, A Complete Guide, "We all love music, whether it's the...
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