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Best friend twins (and their trusty sidekick) learning about style and life on their post-graduate journey through this magnificent concrete jungle.

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19 Jul

Tunesday With The Head and the Heart

Anxiously anticipating the release of The Head and the Heart's new album, Signs of Light, this Tunesday is all about Library Magic. The new single was released just a few days ago, but feels as if it was created in the past alongside the likes of The Mamas and the Papas, Simon and Garfunkle, and even Peter Paul and Mary. This song is everything that's right with folk music. Their dulcet vocals never tire, serving as a means of deliverance for the transcendent lyrics, through and through. A narrative about life away from home and all things comforting, Library Magic, could be a journal entry applicable to pretty much anyone who has left familiarity. The song uses a library setting to illustrate being surrounded by stories and memories,...
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26 Jan

Tunesday: The National

Another band not particularly new to the scene that has me hooked is The National. Compared to sounds of those like Band of Horses and Arcade Fire, I fell in love when I first heard "I need My Girl," from their most recent album entitled Trouble Will Find Me (2013).  It has a wonderfully reminiscent sound to one of the original deep rockers- Leonard Cohen. I was introduced to them by a friend- which is one of my favorite ways to learn about new (or new to me) artists. Music is a community and I hope this introduces some of you to a new sound, which I was so lucky to have experienced. Below are some of my favorites:   ...
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25 Aug

Tunesday Theme Songs

Everyone can relate to the infuriating moment(s) when your friend won't stop singing a song and you inadvertently have it stuck in your head. Theme songs, more than any other songs in my opinion, have that (sometimes annoying) ability to stay with you for days. This Tunesday's post is all about catchy television intro songs. There are iconic ones that span back to Gilligan's Island. However, to include every one since then would be almost as annoying to write about, as it is when your friend won't stop singing one of them. Take a listen below to some of our favorites!
Although they are all winners, our #1 is Happy Days. What is yours? Make sure to comment with your answer below!...
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