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7 Jul

Text Me ;-)

Fashion fans will all agree that Reformation can spin anything into gold. Not kidding. If trends were currency, whatever they touch would equate to bars of pure gold. Exhibit A, B, and C: the front tie dress, the lace up bodysuit, and now, the text tee. A lot of their styles are frequently sold out, and recognizably emulated by countless other retailers. Particularly in the Spring and Summer (although every season is great), they are the most photographed brand on celebrities and style stars everywhere. A quick scroll of their insta will prove it.

I’m not entirely sure when the lowercase script text on the left side of the chest thing really started, but I credit Reformation entirely with it’s rapid rise to popularity. When they released their “do it for leo” tee months ago, it sold out within minutes. The SoHo sales associate said their location never even got them in stock (hard to believe). My plan of snagging one in person was foiled from the start.

Shortly after, La Ligne, a new and very chic line created by Vogue and Rag & Bone veterans, released a similar fit tee with the text “im with la bande”…also, a celeb favorite.

Since it feels like i’m on the perpetual “want list” at ref, and the La Ligne tee rings up at more than twice the price, I rounded up some additional options of witty text tees at different price points. Scroll down for my picks and comment below with which one you would wear!






Ariana Levy
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