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26 Jun

The Best Bralettes

One of the top 10 things you need for summer is the perfect bralette. As layers become skimpy and sparse, often times everyday bras stick out like unwanted weeds… or mine do at least. In high school, bandeaus were the answer for anything backless or with a deep arm hole, and great as they were back then, high school is where they should stay.

Although many lucky women can #freethenipple (or whole boob) and go braless, I have never felt comfortable doing so. Not because I feel women HAVE to wear bras and its inappropriate not to,  but because I DO have a larger chest and loath the underboob sweat* that occurs if I don’t. With the lingerie trend rampant on and off runways, having a teeny bit of lace peek out is 100% appropro, and since the garment (if you can even call it that) does sit under the bust, the horrific pool of sweat is avoided.

Finding a lace bralette that was cute AND supportive enough for my (probably slightly above average sized) chest was another story. The key is to have adjustable straps (which, surprisingly, some don’t), since a larger chest will stretch them out, and a slightly thicker under-bust band for support.

See below for my roundup of adorable and practical options. I only picked white/ivory ones, but many are avail. in a ton of colors, and click here to read a great article on Refinery29 for even bustier ladies.

Note- For my light-olive skin tone, white lace in the summer makes me look about three shades tanner. win.

*A light swipe of quick dry deodorant under the boobies can help with this too.


Ariana Levy
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