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16 Jul

The Little Things in Life

While sitting in the park I watched a man lovingly and deliberately set up his chess pieces for 25 minutes but no one else showed up.

Sometimes its ok to be alone, to engage in introspection and contemplation, but in that moment I felt a sadness for the man. I had an urge to join him, but I don’t know the first thing about chess.

Captivated by his focus on the board, I found myself continuously looking over my shoulder, hoping that eventually someone would join him in a match. As we were about to get up and head home, I saw another man ask to play. Such joy came over me knowing that my “friend” wasn’t alone anymore.

Sometimes life is like a game and you play it on your own.

Sometimes life is like a game and you need opponents to teach you things or open your eyes to moves you never would have made or considered before.

Then it is up to you to learn from your mistakes and deal with the consequences of your actions or moves.

Sometimes, life is simply wonderful.

Gabrielle Levy
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