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22 Jan

The Perfect Faux Leopard Coat




I was on a hunt for the *right* leopard coat for a few months. To make things more difficult, I didn’t have any specific criteria in mind, but I knew I would recognize it when I tried it on.

After searching and searching, and finding many cute options to be sold out, I narrowed down to these three and ordered them (with the intention of returning two because #budgets).

Style #1 (Rebecca Minkoff size M) was actually the first to arrive and it was STUNNING. The ONLY concern I had was how long it was. Leopard coats are usually shorter and this much animal print definitely intimidated me. Such a long (faux) fur also reads more formal, which could make it less wearable depending on your style, but YOLO.

Style #2 (Avec Les Filles size S) was the first one I ordered from Nordstrom, two months ago. It was the last one of my size in stock (possibly because Blair Eadie posted a look with it not too long ago which TBH the reason I even knew about it int he first place), and after the shipment was “lost”, there were none to be found ANYWHERE. Eventually it showed up on the Urban Outfitters website and voila!

Style#3 (Blank Denim size M) was the wild card of the bunch. Even though pink leopard is pretty out there, this patchwork version seemed funkier. It’s even called “The Party Animal Coat”. Case and point. I really wanted to love this because it was quite different, and almost vintage looking, but I didn’t like it in person as much as I did in the pictures. sad.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, the Rebecca Minkoff coat won out and the Blank coat was returned. The pink Avec Les Filles was such a close second, Gaby (behind the lens) kept it! All in all a V successful search! Which would you choose?

Links to these looks below!

Ariana Levy
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