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19 May

This Tunesday is About Joy… Vance Joy.

“Riptide” is another wonderful example of how musicians possess a unique ability to let simple life experiences inspire them to create art. It is also an example of how artists can use songs to express, or help us express, what we otherwise may struggle to say.

James Keough (the artist’s real name) credits most lyrics of this catchy tune to a number of various, seemingly ordinary, events. It starts out depicting his fears and shyness and then flows into a cute vignette about a young girl he met who he couldn’t forget. The song then goes on to describe the emotions that come along with such an experience. Lyrics aside, the instrumental aspects of the song are equally as arresting.

When I listen to this song, I am engulfed in waves of emotion (cue Rob Burgundy jokes) and immersed in my own riptides. If you’re looking for that kind of musical reflection, take a listen and let yourself be carried away!
Gabrielle Levy
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