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8 Dec

This Tunesday Let’s Drive Through Blue Neighbourhood

Today’s Tunesday is about a recent release we are obsessing over. With his seamless transitions from catchy electro-pop instrumentals to heart-wrenching lyrics, and intermittently¬†both at the same time, Troye Sivan hit the nail on the head with Blue Neighbourhood.

He successfully created an album filling, what I believe was, a gap in this genre from a male artist. The accompanying videos for some of the songs previously released have a beautiful, etherial quality that is very fitting for songs so filled with emotion and soul.

In this, his first full-length studio album, Troye details the struggles of coming to terms with himself and growing up when he wasn’t always accepted, particularly in “Lost Boy.” Despite being a fan of the album in its entirety, I’ve selected some of my absolute favorites below.

Fun fact: Troye played young Logan in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Remember this kid?


You’re welcome.


Gabrielle Levy
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